About Us

Welcome to Mumaloo

I am Sabina, a busy mom of two with a career in Ecommerce, and a passion for Arts and Crafts. Throughout the pandemic I found myself gravitating towards arts and crafts with my children.  Not only did it promote quality bonding time and creativity, but it also nurtured their sensory development by experimenting with all types of materials.  Studies show that the more screen time children are exposed to in early childhood, the more likely they will struggle with behavioral problems and impaired academic performance.  As tempting as it was during the pandemic to give my kids access to screens, I decided to devote our time to perfecting our crafts.  The struggle I found was having to go purchase these crafts in bulk and then finding adequate storage solutions for all the surplus.  That is how the Mumaloo company was developed.  We are here to provide pre-packaged arts and crafts, that come with ALL necessary materials and a set of easy to follow instructions.  Our boxes are perfect toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary aged kids, but are really fun for the whole family.  These kits will save you time scouring the internet for age appropriate crafts, and save you time combing the aisles of craft stores in search of that perfect set of googly eyes.  We are a one stop shop for arts and crafts, providing you with the idea, the materials, and the instructions.  For kids who are able to read, they can use our easy to follow instructions themselves.  Take a break from the screens, and come create with us, where crafts and family bonding time are our top priorities

In each box you will find 10 amazing activities and crafts that:

Engage Your Child

Promote Creativity

Nurture Sensory Development

Encourage Critical Thinking Skills

Did you know that craft time encourages key visual-processing skills, improves fine motor skills, and even improves their executive function - which helps with focus and memory.

It’s worth our effort to clear off that table and spend at least a few minutes every week crafting with our kids. Your child’s academics will be improved as skills like pattern recognition and detecting sequencing are strengthened. Just as importantly, in my view, is the fact that creating together gives you time to present and connected, which is always much needed in today’s busy culture.


Welcome to Mumaloo, I hope you enjoy crafting away with our Craft Boxes as much as our family enjoyed creating them for you!