Educational and Fun Pre-Packaged Craft Boxes for Kids

Fun Pre-Packaged Craft Boxes for Kids

Our Products are Fun and Easy to Use

Engage Your Child

Promote Creativity

Nurture Sensory Development

Encourage Critical thinking

All Inclusive Surprise Craft Box for Kids


All Inclusive Surprise Craft Box for Kids


Sensory Craft Box for Toddlers and Preschoolers


Kids love to spend time with their parents and what better way than to do arts and crafts together! You get to spend quality family time bonding with your kids while creating lifelong memories. While you are crafting together you get to talk about what you are making and discuss different ideas. 

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Crafting helps children develop fine motor skills. When kids use their fingers to manipulate art materials they are developing their fine motors skills as they use those small muscles in their hands. Our craft boxes nurture's your child's sensory development

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Our product fosters and inspires creativity. Art allows kids to develop their creativity which is important throughout their lives. By doing something creative, you allow for self-expression and this lets kids express (and cope with) their feelings. It also fosters mental growth in children by providing opportunities for trying out new ideas, new ways of thinking and problem-solving.

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Arts and Crafts activities give kids a sense of achievement and allow them to take pride in their work which builds confidence. Making art is a great, safe way to discover that it’s okay to make mistakes and that getting things ‘wrong’ can lead you to a whole new idea. Kids get to try new things and also develop their self-regulation skills. This helps them develop patience, which all kids need help with! 

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 Mumaloo Craft Box for Kids includes 10 Pre-Packaged Craft activities with step-by-step easy to follow instructions and all the materials you will need to complete each activity. Our Craft Box  promotes quality bonding time and creativity, and nurtures sensory development in kids. And as an even added bonus, your child isn’t using technology or looking at a screen! your kids take a break from screen time and build something with their hands!

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